Take part in the most important in radio industry international conference on the future of radio.

On 10th - 11th May in Wroclaw the meeting of most influential people from the world of broadcasting. Apply now!

International conference NOW RADIO!

In many European countries the processes of radio broadcasting digitization are very advanced. Some of them have already set the date of the final switch-off of the analogue FM emission e.g. Norway January 2017, and others are seriously considering such steps (Great Britain, Switzerland, Denmark). Besides, in the immediate vicinity of Poland in Germany and in Czech Republic radio broadcasting digital networks are being built with the use of DAB+ as most mature and harmonized standard of digital radio broadcasting in the world which is becoming popular in the whole Europe. We are convinced that directing our steps towards creation of common technical platform on our continent, Poland should also choose the path of DAB+.

Taking the above into account Radio Wroclaw SA is organizing the international conference NOW RADIO! which will take place on 10th-11th May 2012 in Wroclaw.  The whole conference will be devoted to digital broadcasting DAB+, its implementation in many European countries and in Australia and also to searching of Polish path to digitization of radio broadcasting which in our opinion is only a matter of time. We will be supported in the search by top-class specialists who implemented digital broadcasting in their countries.

Invited guests represent such entities among others as:
BBC, Great Britain
Global Radio, Great Britain
National Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), The Crowd, Denmark
Sveriges Radio, Sweden
Marketing and Consulting for Digital Broadcasting Technologies, Switzerland
SWR, Germany
Harris, Germany
Commercial Radio Australia,
Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation, Norway
Norwegian Mobile TV Corporation, Norway
RadioDNS, Great Britain
MTV NL, The Netherlands
WorlDMB, Great Britain
24 MAS – Mobile Advertising Solutions, Sweden
Frontier Silicon, Great Britain
European Broadcasting Union (EBU), Switzerland
RTL 102,5, Italy
Teleko, Czech Republic

The event is being held under the patronage of WorldDMB, European Broadcasting Union, The National Broadcasting Council, The Office of Electronic Communications, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage Mr Bogdan Zdrojewski, Wroclaw University of Technology, The National Chamber of Electronic and Telecommunication Industry, The National Institute of Telecommunications and the Office of the Marshal of the Lower Silesia Voivodeship. We have also applied to get the patronage of the Minister of Administration and Digitization Mr Michal Boni.

The conference is addressed to all radio broadcasters in Poland both public, commercial and social. The intention of the conference is to draw attention to currently occurring processes in Europe of radio broadcasting digitization, plans to switch off analogue FM broadcasting and search for the business model possible to apply in Polish  conditions.

The regulatory bodies of the broadcasting market will also be taking part in the conference – The National Broadcasting Council and The Office of Electronic Communications and also telecom operators, who will in the future perform as the operators of digital multiplex DAB+ containing programs created by different broadcasters.

The organizers believe that the conference will become the beginning of a wider debate on the future of terrestrial  broadcasting in Poland in the context of the processes which have taken place in Europe for a long time already. Searching for a new solution for Poland we cannot fail to notice what is happening in particular countries in Europe which should possess a coherent system of radio broadcasting enabling reception whilst travelling across the continent. Some changes in law concerning regulations of electronic media are necessary as well as appropriate technical recommendations of competent authorities and decisions of regulatory bodies facilitating broadcasters entry on a modern digital radio platform  and ensuring radio market protection in a lengthy and difficult process of converting analogue to digital which will occur inevitably. We had better get ready for that right now!

Due to the presence of foreign speakers the conference will be carried out mainly in English with simultaneous translation.